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The Rise and Rise of the Humble Rump

Peeking through menus at top-of-town restaurants, you might notice an increase in visibility of the humble rump. There seems to be a trend towards this full-of-flavour cut that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Not normally one for the limelight, rump is the backbone of our favourite stews and slow cooks. Paired with Guinness, beef […]

3 Foolproof Ways to Cook a Tomahawk

Whether you’re a chef or a committed foodie, the Tomahawk is a culinary challenge not for the faint hearted. And with good reason. It’s an enormous, premium cut of meat you’ve invested a great deal in and it’s primed for great things. To ensure you get the best from this awesome cut and don’t crumble […]

Introducing WX by Rangers Valley

The evolution of Wagyu has arrived. We’re proud to introduce our new Wagyu cross brand, WX. It’s the same Rangers Valley Wagyu cross that you know and love, but the name and the brand has changed forever. WX by Rangers Valley is Wagyu, cross bred with the very best genetics to create something new and […]

Chef Visits – a glimpse at provenance

From time to time, our wholesalers will gather a crew of chefs who are keen to learn more about the provenance of the Rangers Valley products. These chefs then come to visit and enjoy some of the experiences we get to see every day. In May this year, Vic’s Meats facilitated two of these groups. […]

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