• Whole of Life - Rangers Valley


Rangers Valley beef is produced under world-leading animal welfare practices. We believe in and are committed to whole of life animal welfare and the humane and respectful handling of all our animals. Our feedlot is world class and exceeds the expectations and requirements of the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme.

The great outdoors

Our cattle are happy, relaxed cattle. They spend the majority of their lives roaming freely and naturally in lush, green pastures.

Quality supervision

We employ stockmen and women who supervise the cattle every day. They are trained in animal welfare, husbandry and handling along with the ability to quickly identify sick or stressed animals. We use a
qualified veterinarian to oversee the health and wellbeing of all of our cattle, so they can receive treatment as soon as possible.

Keep their cool

Rangers Valley is situated in a cool climate region, perfect for raising cattle. But were also in a country where heat waves can occur. During such weather events, increased water and adjusted rations are provided to assist the cattle to cope with any rising temperatures.

We don’t cramp their style

Our feedlot yards are a minimum size of 3000m2. This allows our cattle more than enough room to exhibit their natural behaviour and have space for movement and interaction.

Their very own nutritionists

Our specialist nutritionists work hard to ensure our cattle receive the perfect balance of energy, protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins. Our cattle progress from eating grass and are introduced to this new regime in stages, allowing for a natural, comfortable growth rate.

Cleanliness is next to

Let’s face it, animals can be messy. We make sure our lots are kept clean and tidy at all times. And we like to recycle, so manure is removed from the yards and provided to local farms as valuable soil conditioners.

Humane & Respectful


Cattle can become stressed when they’re transported. So we take steps to minimise their stress by ensuring their time in lairage is as short as possible and make sure they’re surrounded by familiar animals.