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You can be sure youre getting premium quality, marbled beef that will deliver the ultimate eating experience.

With consistent marbling scores and brands offering MB2+ to MB9+, our beef is renowned for it’s exceptional quality, incredible flavour and succulent, juicy tenderness.

Our Brands

We like to offer a choice, so we’ve created a range of brands to cater to our customers needs, ranging from premium to super premium options. The Rangers Valley brand portfolio includes Black Onyx Beef, Black Market Beef, Naruo and Rangers Valley Wagyu. MORE

Chilled or Frozen

Rangers Valley premium quality beef cuts can be supplied chilled or frozen, and can be delivered by air or sea freight.


Our chilled beef primals can be supplied bone-in or boneless in vacuum packs. We also have the capability to deliver on varied specifications for any one primal, even within one shipment.


We offer flexible processing systems and ensure each order is fulfilled to our customers requirements and ultimate satisfaction.

Food Safety

The safety procedures at Australian export meat processing establishments are among the highest in the world, allowing Rangers Valley beef to be given the highest shelf life limits available.

Where it goes

Rangers Valley beef is currently marketed and sold into the most discerning beef markets in the world. See our distributors list for more information.

Our consistent marbling scores are renowned for their exceptional quality and incredible flavour.