Champion Wagyu! AWA Accolades.

With over 46 entries representing 30 wagyu brands in this year’s Wagyu Branded Beef Competition, we knew this race would be tough. Our Wagyu brands are world class and this event, run by industry body, Australian Wagyu Association, hosts the best of the best, so we threw our hat in the ring. Read more

The Rise and Rise of the Humble Rump

Peeking through menus at top-of-town restaurants, you might notice an increase in visibility of the humble rump. There seems to be a trend towards this full-of-flavour cut that isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Not normally one for the limelight, rump is the backbone of our favourite stews and slow cooks. Paired with Guinness, beef rump wins every time in the famous British pie of the same name.

But the tide is turning, and so is the limelight. Read more

Gold Medal for Rangers Valley Wagyu – Fourth Consecutive Year!

Once again, Rangers Valley Wagyu beef has won a Gold Medal in the Australian Wagyu Associations (AWA) branded beef competition (cross-bred class) held in Yeppoon, Queensland Australia in May this year. Read more

Gold for our Wagyu! Third year running.

2014 has been another incredible year for Rangers Valley. We were talking the other day about some of the highlights and this one in particular stands out.

For the third year in a row, our cross-bred Wagyu has won Gold at the Annual Australian Wagyu Branded Beef Competition. Read more