Our 3 favourite things about industry visits.

Early in September we were lucky enough to get some one on one time with some of Australia’s best chefs and butchers right here at the Rangers Valley Homestead. We asked some outstanding chefs and the teams from Vic’s Meats in Melbourne, plus their Sydney team from Victor Churchill to spend a couple of days on the land to showcase our incredible animals, processes and supply chain in general.

What are our three favourite things about these industry visits? Simple:

1. The genuine love and respect of the land our visitors show when they see our part of the world.
2. The sensational steaks we cook while they’re here!
3. Getting to know the people who take our precious product and turn it into magic on a plate.

As they say in the movies – A picture paints a thousand words. So for the rest of this blog post, these stunning photos are yours to enjoy. Simply click on each image to enlarge. See anyone you know?

Our Homestead tower with visitors Michael Peacock (Victor Churchill), Trevor Sticklen (Rangers Valley) Chef Alex Law (The Atlantic), Chef Guillaume Yves Montes (Gazi), Chef Sean Tan (Nobu at Crown), Chef Jeff Trotter (Niew Amsterdam), Chef Riki Day (Meat Maiden), Chef Steven Nelson (Gitan Group) and Mitchell Weston (Vic's Premium Quality Meat) The Historic Rangers Valley Homestead Sunset at the Rangers Valley Homestead The famous Homestead dining room. From left to right Andy Kunze (Vic's Meat), Chef Lennox Hastie (Firedoor), Chef Brendan Fong (Mr. Wongs) Darren ORourke (Victor Churchill) The team from Vic's Meats in Melbourne. Rangers Valley Black Angus. Photo cred: Mitchell Weston (Vic's Meat's Melbourne) The Homestead sunset. Photo cred: Mitchell Weston (Vic's Meat's Melbourne) Dinner at the Homestead (of course) Photo cred: Mitchell Weston (Vic's Meat's Melbourne)