The Black Market Petite Tender

with smoke, licorice gel, beetroot linguini & goat’s curd

Serves 10 as entre
Preparation time 60 minutes, plus overnight chilling & drying
Cooking time 60 minutesIngredients
1kg Black Market petite tender
1/2 packet soft black licorice
3.5g agar agar
500ml beetroot juice, prepared from 1.5kg fresh beetroot
50g castor sugar
50g kaolin clay
30g lactose powder
1/4 bunch thyme
120ml extra virgin olive oil
2 eggs
200g 00 flour
10g freeze dried beetroot powder
20g dried licorice root
15g soy lecithin powder
150g goats curd
1 punnet micro parsley, washed & trimmed
1/2 punnet borage flowers
Seasoning, to taste

Special utensils
Smoking gun

The day before
1 Petite tender: Trim petite tender of sinew, roll tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.
2 Licorice gel: Place soft licorice in saucepan with 300ml water on low heat until licorice is melted.? Blend and pass through fine sieve into clean saucepan. Bring licorice stock to boil, thoroughly whisk in agar agar. Remove from heat and pour into a greased flat tray to achieve a 2mm thin sheet. Refrigerate overnight.
3 Beetroot soil: Place beetroot juice, castor sugar and seasoning in saucepan. Simmer and reduce by half (250ml). Reserve 125ml for beetroot foam.
4 Beetroot soil: In a small bowl, combine remaining half of juice with kaolin clay and lactose powder to achieve a paste. Spread over silicon paper, place on oven tray and dry overnight in oven at 60C. When soil is dry, crumble and store in airtight container.

On day
5 Petite tender: Set immersion circulator to 55.5C. Remove plastic from petite tender. Cut into 100g portions and place in cyrovac bag with 2 sprigs thyme and 60ml olive oil. Seal in vacuum sealer and place in immersion circulator for 40 minutes.
6 Linguini: While beef is cooking, prepare pasta. Combine egg, flour, 40ml olive oil and beetroot powder. Rest in refrigerator for 20 minutes, then roll into thin sheets, then linguini. Set aside on floured surface and cover with damp cloth.
7 Petite tender: Remove beef from circulator and vacuum bag, pat dry. Using a smoking gun with dried licorice root, surface smoke beef over wire rack. Leave to rest in warm area.
8 Beetroot foam: Warm reserved beetroot juice with lecithin and blend with a stick blender to foam.
9 Linguini: Cook pasta for 3-4 minutes or until al dente.

To Serve
1 To assemble, cut licorice gel sheet to fit over the petite tender. Drape over beef on plate.
2 Smear goats curd on plate behind petite tender. Arrange linguini next to smear.
3 Scatter beetroot soil; arrange parsley, flowers then finish with beetroot foam spooned across the plate.

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