The Black Market Oyster Blade

with White & Green Asparagus, Black Sesame Praline & Red Miso Vinaigrette

Serves 10 as entre
Preparation time 40 minutes, plus 6 hours chilling, plus overnight freezing
Cooking time 14 minutes

800g Black Market oyster blade
5-10g transglutaminase
80g red miso paste
200g castor sugar
20g black sesame seeds, toasted
20g white sesame seeds, toasted
30ml sak
60ml peanut oil
1 bunch white asparagus, shaved with peeler & held in iced water
1 bunch green asparagus, shaved with peeler & held in iced water
1 punnet curled cress, washed
1 punnet micro shiso, cut away from roots & gently washed
1 punnet baby heirloom radishes, washed & trimmed

The day before
1 Oyster blade: Remove all sinew from oyster blade, taking extra care through the centre. Sprinkle transglutaminase over centre area where sinew has been removed. Wrap oyster blade tightly in plastic wrap to form an oval shape. Set in fridge for 6hrs or overnight.
2 Oyster blade: Set immersion circulator to 55.5C. Remove oyster blade from plastic wrap and smear with 60g of miso paste. Place in cyrovac bag and vacuum seal on medium to high vacuum. Cook in immersion circulator for 14 hours. When complete, plunge into iced water. Once cool, remove beef from bag and re-wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Freeze overnight.

On day
3 Praline: 30 minutes before serving, place sugar in stainless steel pot and over medium to high heat, brown sugar until it reaches a hard crack stage. Add toasted sesame seeds and immediately pour into tray lined with silicon paper. Cool, then blend into a coarse power.
4 Vinaigrette: Prepare vinaigrette by combining remaining miso paste, sake and peanut oil. Mixture will split, this is intentional.

To Serve
1 Remove beef from freezer and slice with a meat slicer as thinly as possible.
2 Lay slices of beef on plate and top with a tablespoon of praline, followed by asparagus shavings, curled cress, micro shiso, radish and drizzle with vinaigrette.

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