The Black Market Eye Fillet

with Smoked Coffin Bay Oyster, Bone Marrow & Fennel Pollen

Serves 10
Preparation time 40 minutes, plus 24hr soaking time
Cooking time 60 minutes

10 Black Market eye fillets (200g per fillet)
600ml veal glaze, keep warm
10 pieces (approx. 800g) bone marrow, soaked in salted water for 24hrs
20g garlic, finely sliced
1/4 bunch thyme, leaves picked
500g broad beans, shelled
20 pieces pencil fennel, trimmed & washed
100g butter
20 Coffin Bay oysters, shucked
1 bunch micro parsley, cut & washed
1/2 punnet fennel pollen, fresh
1 bunch fennel herb
Seasoning, to taste

Special utensils
Smoking gun and apple wood chips

1 Set immersion circulator to 55.5C
2 Place eye fillets into individual cryovac bags with 20ml of veal glaze. Seal with vacuum sealer.
3 Cook individual fillets for 25 minutes at 55.5C. Set aside, keeping warm.
4 Adjust immersion circulator to 58.5C.
5 Rinse marrow under cold water and carefully push out of bone. Place in cyrovac bag with garlic and thyme, mix, seal in vacuum sealer and cook in immersion circulator for 15 – 20 minutes, depending on marrow thickness.
6 As marrow cooks, boil broad beans and fennel in boiling salted water until tender.
7 In a small pot bring 3tbs of water to a boil then turn the heat off and whisk in butter until it is incorporated. Set aside.
8 Surface smoke oyster by laying on wire rack and smoking with apple wood chips.
9 Remove eye fillet from bag and discard veal glaze. Seal fillet over high heat in frying pan to caramelise.

To Serve
1 To serve, place fillet in the center of bowl and spoon over remaining veal glaze, allow to pool.
2 Slice the marrow horizontally, then carefully top the fillet with two oysters and the marrow.
3 Coat broad beans and fennel in butter emulsion and arrange alongside the oysters and marrow (two pieces of fennel and three broad beans per fillet).
4 Finish with micro parsley, fennel pollen. Lean a piece of fennel herb at the back of the bowl to finish.

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